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Cathodic Protection (CP):
Give corrosion no chance at all with Steffel.

Steffel is a sought-after partner when it comes to Cathodic Protection (CP) and one of the biggest specialized companies in the business. We’ve been an industry pioneer for 40 years and even today we’re still developing innovations for highly specialized applications. No matter whether it’s basic pipelines, complex installations,  steel-reinforced concrete structures, hydraulic steel structures or offshore structures we provide customized cathodic protection solutions that meet customers’ specific requirements. Our highly qualified staff go far beyond design and maintenance in providing you with the comprehensive expertise of a technical market leader.

CP applications

You want top-quality technology for your CP remote monitoring, transformer-rectifiers or CP survey equipment?
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CP services

You’d like to profit from the all-round service provided by the market leader in technology covering everything from design and installation to commissioning and maintenance?
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CP products

You want top-quality technology for your CP remote monitoring, transformer-rectifiers or CP survey equipment?
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Special services

You’d like to use the experience of our experts and engineers for calculations, simulations or training courses?
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High-voltage interference

You want to protect pipelines or telecommunications cables from dangerous contact voltages and AC corrosion?
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You’d like to know more about our current projects and the more than 40 years experience we have in the area of technical corrosion protection?
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Steffel – established expertise and years of experience.

Profit through Steffel from:

  • advice on corrosion protection catering specifically to your needs
  • more than 40 years experience in cathodic protection (CP)
  • highly qualified staff with extensive expertise
  • the sustainable, effective and innovative implementation of cathodic protection
  • the prevention of time-consuming and costly corrosion damage
  • value retention and increased operational safety
  • and lower operating costs.

Talk to us. We’d be glad to advise you.

News from the world of Cathodic Protection:

The baltic-pipe-project

The Baltic Pipe Project is being developed by both GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. and as co-investors. The 36” Baltic Pipe offshore pipeline will be installed between the east coast of Denmark and the northern coast of Poland with first gas scheduled to flow from Denmark to Poland in October 2022. Baltic Pipe is recognised as an […]

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Steffel sends help to Ukraine

Steffel is contributing humanitarian aid to Ukraine’s civilian population. We’re helping those affected with donations of medical supplies and childcare items for the children. The first delivery has already arrived in Lviv.

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