The baltic-pipe-project

The Baltic Pipe Project is being developed by both GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. and Energinet.dk as co-investors. The 36” Baltic Pipe offshore pipeline will be installed between the east coast of Denmark and the northern coast of Poland with first gas scheduled to flow from Denmark to Poland in October 2022.
Baltic Pipe is recognised as an EU PCI project, with the purpose of the project being to further strengthen the European internal energy market by reaching the EU’s energy policy objectives of affordable, secure and sustainable energy.
The Baltic Pipe Project involves the construction of a new bi-directional gas pipeline system that will connect the existing gas transmission systems of Denmark and Poland and for the first time enable shippers to flow gas directly from Norway to the markets in Denmark, Poland and their neighbouring markets. Baltic Pipe will also allow shippers to flow gas from Poland to the Danish and Swedish markets.

Steffel KKS GmbH is proud to be involved with our clients in this important European project.

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